Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NBA Rules are Useless

Sadly, the most enforced rule in the NBA is one put in place by the commissioner because he's scared of black people. I think they're old enough to dress however they want. I don't even think 95% of them are dangerous in any way. Hell, they don't even have a guy close to Pac Man's league (although Ron Artest is trying). Instead, David Stern could start worrying about the lack of officiating during the games. Maybe that would get the black people to quit! Here's my list of shit they need to start enforcing:

  1. Travelling: Now I know that calling this would mean a whistle every 5 seconds, but it's just ridiculous. I'm pretty sure I could take a 6-step approach to dunk the ball, and I'm white. Not only should they call it for dunks and such, but when they catch the damn ball on the perimeter they take 3 steps before stopping.
  2. Early Entry on Free Throws: Okay this one is basically just because I hate watching Jason Kidd run in from the 3-point line before the guy releases the ball. If they called him for it every time, not only would he have 60 less triple-doubles, but the other team would make 10 extra free throws per game. Fuckin' cheater.
  3. Offensive 3 Seconds: Not only is it unfair that Shaq is 150 pounds heavier than everybody else, but he's allowed to sit in the key for 12 seconds to get position. And to make matters worse for the defense, if they lean a little too hard on his back while they're getting elbows to the shnoz, they get called for a foul. P.S. It's not just Shaq that does it, he's just taken advantage of it the best
  4. Moving Screens: Even though Steve Nash and Amare live off of them, pick and rolls are impossible to guard when the screener boxes out the defender. That's not a screen, that's bullshit. More bullshit is when the big man chest bumps the defending point guard the whole way down the court. Just because he has his hands in the air does not mean he isn't setting a blatantly illegal screen.

I blame female referees.


booger said...

yeah, dem nappy headed hos