Friday, April 13, 2007


The Anytime Meal of champion butt-fuckers?
a basketball player making a dumb decision?
i guess we'll see

In this post, I will discuss viewpoints from both TBF and Man Hole. To summarize both arguments:

pro-draft KD: 1.guaranteed money 2. higher skill level development
non pro-draft KD:1. body not able to handle NBA stress yet 2. No position he would excel at 3. guaranteed number one overall next year if he waits.

it's tough to tell, but you need to weigh the odds that he'll get injured next year. Though very unlikely, there's always a chance. and if he got injured bad in college next year, well he'd be f'd in the a for the draft and lose a chance at big money. His skillz will develop either way, although better yet differently at the NBA level. He isn't big enough to be able to the same things he did against college players, so he'd have to adjust the way he plays, then readjust when he packs on the muscle(like me). He would most definitely be a bench-rider for the first year until he could figure a position to play. He's guaranteed huge money but will lose out on the chance for a national championship, develop naturally and play basketball at the top of his game.

Should he get injured badly whilst remaining in college, well, he'll lose everything and be spending the rest of his day eating the Anytime Meal for which he was named, because he sure won't be able to afford the high-priced macaroni-a-la-mode-with-la-sauce-du-fromage(ooo yeah it's delish!) he would get in the fancy NBA. And he for sure wouldn't be able to be a champion butt-fucker if he wasn't in the NBA. No anal gangbang parties for you Kevin Durant, just you, michael olowokandi and a nine-inch dildo(with balls!).