Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One person I have a major beef with:

Fucking Pierre Maguire. The human shit show that can be found making his retarded, half-baked comments on TSN Hockey Night. The guy is a twat. The man used to be a G.M. and yet is consistently wrong with his comments. This isn't just me talking, there are many who hate this bald piece of shit with as much passion as I do.

I've never heard so many people call bullshit at his views on in-game events. I mean, if any other commentator says something that you don't agree with or think was really just either shrug it off or make a small comment and thats it. When Maguire says these incredibly stupid things, he says it in a way that makes you want to get up and kick your fucking TV. He's just so smug and confident in every dumb ass thing he says and it is so goddamn painful.

So don't watch him? Believe me, I actually do go out of my way not to listen to him. If he's on, I'd find another game, which isn't really a problem to begin with, since I usually watch CBC from the get-go. I was found recently subjecting myself to his bullshit tonight, I had to. The Islanders were playing on TSN (it's 2-2 right now) against Buffalo and got ready to sit down and watch. Maguire is on the job...for some reason I thought it would be okay. No.

It's not just the things he says...its also how unnecessarily excited he gets...and his fucking asinine "Monsters of the Game". If he says something correct he sounds like its a huge revelation and it should go in one of his articles...when its usually common sense. Alternatively, its something so wrong its like he's not even watching the game and just giving Gord Miller head underneath the desk.

Besides the fact that I hate the dude. He made a brutal call on the game I am watching right now, which pretty much tempted me to write this during the intermission. Jason Blake got blatantly checked from behind by Teppo Numminen. Teppo is a good guy, he doesn't do stupid shit...but in this instance, he pushed Blake headfirst into the boards and Blake went down. Maguire chimes in by saying that Teppo shouldn't get a penalty because it wasn't a crushing hit....that Teppo is not a dirty player and he didn't mean to. What the fuck? Who cares what kind of player he's considered? He fucking pushed a player with his head down, half a foot away from the boards. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a crushing hit...but it's not like he love-tapped him either....he was on the move. Still, you don't do that shit. Either way, Maguire should think for a second before he says anything and if what comes out of his mouth makes any sense.

Anyway. Fuck...3-2 Sabres. Barely 2 minutes in. Isles' defense is so useless.


Man Hole said...

My brother loves him...they're both fuckin tools.

caboose said...

couldnt agree with you more