Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kevin Durant's Piss Poor Decision

I really don't even have anything valid to back that title up, but I'll give it 110%.

First off, I think he needs at least 2 more years of college just so he has time to get up around 160 pounds. He's going to need braces on every joint in his body just to prevent them from falling off.

Second, I have no idea what position the kid's going to play in the NBA (ya that's right, I called him a kid). Small forward? I don't think he can play either guard spot (sure as hell can't play point), and he would get broken into pieces in the post. He may have dominated college, but he didn't play against anybody his height with a hint of athletic ability. Note: That statement could be completely false. I have no idea who he played against, it's just an assumption.

Third, he goes first overall if he waits just one more year. I saw a report today saying Oden is going to declare pretty soon here, so top spot is locked up there. Durant might not be in it for the money, but who doesn't want to go first overall in the draft? You get shitloads of money.

That's all I can think of. Other than that, good for you Kevin. I hope you bring a championship to Boston.

Or Memphis.