Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TSN are a bunch of cockbags

Here's something that aggravates me. Why do TV networks say they're going to show something and then not show it? TSN said they were going to show a replay of the game between Valencia and Chelsea tonight at 10. It's on the guide and even their website. I planned my whole day around watching this particular game. I avoided scores and the whole deal. Then I sit down in my easy chair at around 9:55 and switch to TSN, making sure not to look at the ticker, just in case. SportsCentre is on. 10 rolls around. After a commercial it's still SportsCentre. What the fuck? I think. Turns out SportsCentre, the same goddamn loop they repeat 14 times every day is on until 1030. Not only that, they feel the need to show highlights of the game which sent me scrambling to the remote to change the channel. Thankfully, I didn't see any goals.

In a maneuver that partially redeemed themselves, TSN put the soccer game on at 1030. But I was still pissed off because they started it at the 25 minute mark. Why would you plan to broadcast a sporting event and then not show the first third of it? I guess they would rather just show the highlights. Fucking retards


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St. Chris Simon said...

Oh my god...I hope that never happens to me.

Anonymous said...

your articles are way too fucking long

clock cleaner said...

hi marc! nice of you to comment