Friday, May 9, 2008

Phillly: City of Brotherly Sex

Christ. I have been so lazy for the longest time. I can't even do a proper post on this shit heap....

Anyway, the fucking Canadiens. What bags of garbage.

I have to shave my fucking head now because they lost their series. Which is horseshit because Philly lost how many games down the stretch. Like 17, I think? Without a win? That's abysmal, teams should fold if that happens, let alone be allowed in the playoffs. Lord Jesus...IF ONLY those fucking abortions missed the playoffs. I would be so happy.

Not only that, I would have my hair right now. It wasn't even a bad bet at the time. Montreal was riding Price and brought them through game seven (mind you, I thought Boston was severely underrated and I knew it would go to 6 or 7). Even still, Philly's previous series was no picnic, and I thought Montreal was far superior. Most did actually, and I thought it was a sure bet that they would get past them...5...maybe 6 games tops. Not even.

Now I'm fucking bald. Which is just dynamite.

As of now, it looks like a dumb ass bet to make, but I didn't think Philly would ever win. I know they weren't that big of a long shot...but the Habs were a very consistent and talented team (if I could describe vaguely). Philly's second half of the season was fucking atrocious. I didn't expect the outcome, it really caught me by surprise. They went down 3-1 and I almost cried. Fuck those flaming cheese-steak eating pouch-lickers.

Flyers Fans

Anyway, I'm mad. My own fault? Yes. But fuck off.

Some explanations are that Price is was not near ready for the playoffs. It would have been picture perfect, though. Picture it, a young 'tender wins the Cup, à la Patrick Roy, Montreal goes crazy and the Cup is back in Canada (I know its Montreal, but fuck it). Even if that was a stretch, they should have beat Philly. I mean, all Philly is are a bunch of cheap-shotting cunts who rely on their off-and-on offence to win games. Which just happen to be with Marty Biron (consistently for once). Obviously great for Philly...but who would have thought that? Maybe Riley, because he has a such a gaping wet spot for them. Or maybe he just loves Lindros...and his huge cunt.

Off topic

Fuck was he a bitch. Had one good year....and only because it was shortened due to a lockout...or else Scott Stevens would have sent him into a coma a few years early. Lindros is the Keyshawn Johnson of the NHL.

Back on...

Watching that series, Montreal had no fucking clue what they were doing. Which was not how they played in the previous series...even in a close one. They didn't deserve to win more than one game in the Philly one. It was embarrassing. But I still feel like I should express my resentment...

I mean, its Philly...they play so simple a child could dissect their shitty system and their defence is straight-up retarded. No exaggeration. They have as much hockey sense as a jar of smashed assholes.

Whatever...go Pittsburgh. Cindy Crosby and Malkin should take care of 'em. God knows Fleury won't. That dude must have sold his soul to the Devil to get into the Conference Finals.