Sunday, April 8, 2007

NHL Playoffs are set

With the isles beating the devils, toronto's effort last night was all for naught. The devils decided to start clemmenson instead of brodeur, thereby assuring the isles of winning. The devils scored with a teeny bit of time left, but went on to lose 3-2 in a shootout.

So finally all the matchups are assured. The race for playoff spots seemed really ridiculous this year. No spot was assured with 3 games left. Every team was so close to each other and this year more than any other year in other sport, I have no frickin idea whos going to beat who. This is a stark contrast to the NBA, where a bottom seed beating a top seed is almost unheard of.

I don't know which i like better, having no clue in hell who will win, or knowing the final 4 teams that will play for the championship.


The guy who makes clocks dirty so Riley can clean them said...

I don't know which is better either but I will say this: At least the regular season is worth something in the NBA. In the NHL one seemingly random, middle-of-the-road team always makes a run because their goalie plays over his head for three rounds in a row. This inevitably leads to a final which no one cares about because it's two teams who you haven't watched all year unless they happened to play your favorite team on national TV. It also makes for shitty, Calgary Flames type hockey and turns everyone's brain to mush. Personally, I couldn't be more excited for 7 Suns-Mavs games which are almost guaranteed unless the Spurs can pull something off which might destroy my will to live.

clock cleaner said...

yeah it better be suns-mavs. Ill watch every game between those two, but if the spurs make it, forget it. No way Im watching the spurs play anyone. If i wanted to watch the exact same play coming up the court every time and some asshole bank it in off the backboard every time ill shit in the back of the toilet bowl.

Man Hole said...

Lucky for us we get to watch 7 amazing games of basketball, and then watch the West beat the living hell out of the East. Unless the Raps make it, then it's going to be another 7 games of stupendous play by Jose Calderon.

I swear to Christ if Detroit makes it to the finals I'm going to shit all over my TV.

The Big Fundamental said...

well you better cover your TV in plastic or something because the odds of anyone else winning the east seem slim to me. unless LeBron just takes over in the playoffs and somehow beats them singlehandedly, detroit will be in the final