Saturday, April 14, 2007

3 things I have major beef with..

First: I went to Subway today, and ordered a turkey breast sub. Nothing out of the ordinary. So we're going through the usual routine of picking the bread then him putting the meat on it. Finally we arrive at the cheese selection process. Seriously man, those cheese slices are triangles for a fucking reason. It should be common knowledge that two triangles of this cheese make a form similar to a parrallelogram(bent rectangle for you retards). The goal is to get maximum cheese distribution so as to enjoy cheese in every bite of your sub. For some reason, this idiot is unable to see the dynamics of cheese and places each slice so it looks like the teeth on dinosaurs you drew as a kid. This means NO cheese in some places and DOUBLE cheese in others! TRAVESTY!

Second: At work, people are constantly bringing me items they'd like to buy and asking how much they are. A typical encounter goes something like this:

guy: Hi there!, can you tell me how much this is?

me: Hey! Sure thing(much enthused)! Just give me a sec here!

guy: Sure!

me: hmm seems someone ripped the pricetag off this...I'll just try and find it on the computer...hmm i'm not finding it here..

guy: Really? So it must be free then? heh heh

me: yeah...must be...heh..yeah i can't give it to you free

guy: hey that's ok i'm just kidding


Third, Best Buy phones me about my broken laptop today and says: yeah it looks like we're going to have to do a system restore, but it's not covered by your warranty. That'll be 60$. Also if you want any files recovered and backed up, that'll be another 60$. So..(calculating)...that'll be 120$.
Warranties should be one piece of paper labelled: if it breaks, we'll fix it. Buy the warranty, and we'll fix it every time. This is such complete bullcrap.
Don't fuck everyone over with separate warranties for different parts.

Yeah, needless to say, I'm a little on the crazy/mad side today.


St. Chris Simon said...

I pretty much agree with everything said there. And I hate how so many people feel compelled to make that joke EVERY time. " should be free then right? HAHA"