Monday, February 8, 2010


I was totally going to change my Facebook profile picture to my best impression of the Manning Face. That would have been hilarious to about 3 people, including me, and retarded to the rest. But that wasn't what swayed my decision. Ultimately, it was laziness. But man, I would sit there all day and laugh at my own profile.

Someone else do it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Props, etc.

What this here blog needs is a Super Bowl props post. 86% of all websites will do one of these (or has already), so we might as well strike while the iron is hot. Or something. Let's win some money!

Biggest Lead by either Team: O/U 15.5 points

This just seems insane to me. How the hell is one of these teams going to get a three score lead? No defense is stopping anyone that many times in a row. This will require a pick-six or something equally fluky. UNDER.

Who will the MVP thank first?:
God (2.4)
Family (9)
Teammates (2)
Coach (13)
Does not thank anyone (3.5)

I wish I could go off the board here. If New Orleans wins, whoever wins the MVP will thank their fans/people of New Orleans. I bet I could get some solid odds on that. Neither of the quarterbacks seem like men of God, and Brees hates his dead mom, so family's out. Fuck it, I'm going with DOES NOT THANK ANYONE.

Longest touchdown: O/U 51.5 yards

This is fucking retarded. 51.5? That's completely unreasonable. When was the last time there was a play that long in the Super Bowl? Oh, last year, right. And two years before that. And the year before that. Shit. Still, I like my odds here. 50+ yards TD's are hard to come by, especially against the Colts Cover-2. UNDER.

Will either team score three unanswered times?:
Yes (1.6)
N0 (2.3)

Am I being naive here? Why does 'No' have way longer odds? The only way this is happening is if there's a score near the end of the first half followed by the same team receiving the second half kick and scoring. NO.

Manning (1.57)
Brees (3.15)
Bush (9)
Wayne (11)
Garçon (11)
Collie (21)
Thomas (11)
Clark (13)
Hartley (76)

The smart bet is obviously the QB for whoever you think will win. But that's little to no fun. I'm going with Garçon. Jabari Greer is really good, and the Saints will shut down Reggie a la Jets. Luckily, Tracy Porter kind of sucks and Peyton will pick on him. I also like Collie or Clark at those odds. If you're into the Saints, take a flyer on Pierre Thomas. GARÇON.

Total Score: O/U 56.5 points

Yes, both offenses are great. But Colts games are short. Both teams are going to get roughly 6 possessions. This is a pretty large number. I strongly suggest betting the UNDER.