Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thanks to some gentle badgering by Riley, I have realized that those Jays recaps completely sucked. They read like bad newspaper articles. So, in their stead, I think I might just write something in between each series to kind of document the flow of the season and how things are going. To start it off, I only have two things to say today.

Alex Rios and Aaron Hill are driving the offense from the 6 and 7 holes. This is worrisome on many levels. While it is great that we have reliable hitters at the bottom of the order to extend rallies, production is still needed from the heart because there will be nights when Hill and Rios go 1-8 and 0-8 and such. Glaus pitched in tonight but I think this point is still valid.

This also ties in with the above complaint. Pull your socks up Frank Thomas. JP didn't sign you to hit for average, I know, but this 1-4 bullshit is wearing on me. We need more than warning track shots from you.

Back at home tommorrow against the Tigers. Mike Maroth vs. Tomo Ohka. Godspeed