Sunday, December 23, 2007

Time for Round 2

Neckbeard had high expectations against a very weak Minnesota passing defence, but failed to come through. Although a little old now, from KSK:

"I have a friend who has another friend who is roommates with Orton. Apparently, Orton was very displeased about the prospect of starting for the Bears, because it meant the end of the gravy train. He knows he isn't good enough to be a pro QB, and that he looks far more appealing on the bench than in a real game. I love Kyle Orton."

You just know that has to be true.

He gets another shot against a much better Green Bay defence. I think it's safe to say we can expect 4 first downs and 175 total yards from Chicago (at best). Chicago's defence won't be able to force the Packers into making as many mistakes as Tarvaris Jackson, therefore they won't get as many field goal opportunities in Green Bay's half (the only way they score points with Orton).

And the neckbeard on Neckbeard? Still stronger than ever.


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