Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ads I Approve Of, and Ads I Do Not

Approve- The Jeep Liberty commercial with the animals falling into the Jeep. First the squirrel, then the birds, then the wolf. Seriously I really love this commercial. It's hilarious. Why are they falling into the jeep? Why does the guy look like if he stops singing they'll kill him? Who cares? Funny shit.

Approve- The pepsi commercial with tony romo. I hated this commercial when it first came out, but now I've grown fond of it. FAR-LAAAHHH!!It must have grown on me. Wade doesn't question the play at all. I also like Tony Romo give the play in the huddle. There's no questioning the play-calling on this team at all.

Disapprove- Accutron. A watch commercial. So what happens in it? A fairly muscular man takes his shirt off and the camera rotates around him. A girl does the same thing in a sports bra. The shot alternates between rotating around the man, the woman, and the watch. Are they implying that the watch is nicely sculpted? Is it possible they are retarded?

Disapprove- Bell commercials. The badly animated beavers are so unfunny. Why they the continue putting them in commercials is beyond me.

Disapprove- Obviously all Rogers commercials. They'll only get worse this holiday season too.

Approve- The Chuck Norris commercial for some soft drink.

Disapprove- The "My Sportscenter" commercials. The people doing them always say stupidly scripted things with short halting pauses in between really fast shots of their sport. I hate them.


me said...

oh yeah, that wendy's ad with the air supply burger. I really hate that stupid fucking ad

PigBearMan? said... next post was going to be about the Sportscenter commercials. Asshole

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Don't you have testes to study for?

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Haha oops. Unfortunate typo there. I was not implying that you are gay. But you are gay.

Clock Cleaner said...

knock yourself out with sportscenter post.

stephen- i think the way your thoughts suddenly turned gay after mispelling "tests" really just shows how gay you are.

It shows that gayness is all you can think about.

What's more disturbing is the fact your comment was directed at me, making me feel like I'm the target of your homoerotic fantasies. Well take me out of there...I don't want to be in your dreams.

AND the way you tried to suddenly imply that I was gay to cover up your gaffe made it seem like you were trying to cover the whole thing up and hoping no one would notice that testicles are all you can think about.

Well I noticed. And I'm not too pleased about it.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Haha. Stephen you shouldn't have said anything after that post. I thought it was intentional. It was funny.

lol @ testes

PigBearMan? said...

Studying is overrated anyway, whether it be for tests or testes.

Wally said...

I fucking hate rogers commercials. They wouldn't be so excruciatingly painful if they made more than one every 6 months and didn't show them every fucking commercial break. Those commercials made watching the World Cup painful.

Clock Cleaner said...

yeah don't remind about world cup commercials

and their commercials now?

lindsey your testes are overrated

Nazi Synthesizer said...

All in all...the white-man fro dude isn't going anywhere. He's going to end up like the "Dude, you're getting a Dell" Guy. Working in as a waiter in a taco restaurant. People will be asking that guy in 10 years to say "I need to write his name in his underwear" with that stupid fucking look on his face. Then everyone will laugh at him. Most likely get into drugs, then kill himself 5 years later. I take comfort in that.

Clock Cleaner said...

at least he doesn't have his mom in his five...uber-loser!