Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Occasional Beef

In honour of the original concept of this blog, I'll be filling you in on things I come across that are unforgivably fucking stupid. I find that TV producers do a great job of helping me find these things, so most will be TV based.


First off, I fucking hate almost all mainstream music. No matter how good a song might be, if it goes mainstream, it will eventually make you fucking crazy. You know who's fault that is? MuchMusic's (And regular radio, but luckily I'm no longer subjected to that bullshit). Other than Video On Trial, they have the shittiest programming I can find on TV. That may be because they have no programming whatsoever - as proven by the recent OC marathons every fucking day.

MuchVibe and RapCity are fucking abortions. I blame it on the fact that they refuse to have lesser known artists on the shows - they think that hip-hop revolves solely around Jay-Z and Akon. Not only that, but it's hard to listen to rap when every second word is taken out because society is mentally fucking weak. Actually, most stations have started to allow a lot of the "bad" words - shit, bitch, ass, but not fuck - but of course, MuchMusic can't have any of that. Pussies. This sounds completely made up, and I wouldn't blame anybody for not believing me, but while watching MuchVibe the other day, the playlist went like this: Soulja Boy, Timbaland, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Timbaland, Soulja Boy, Timbaland, Chris Brown. How the fuck does that happen? Why the fuck did I keep watching?

The Countdown is actually what gets me the most pissed off. This doesn't even necessarily have to be pinned on MuchMusic; every music countdown is the same. The first problem with this stupid system is that songs start at the bottom and have to make an absolutely painfully slow climb to the top. By the time a song gets to the top, it's been on the countdown for about 8-10 weeks already, being played 15 times a day. To make things worse, it stays at the top for another 5 or so weeks, where it's plays per day gets bumped up even more. It's a vicious circle from hell. The second problem is that it's just fucking annoying music. How about putting a little variety in your music selection instead of showing the same bullshit every fucking day?

I can't believe I watch enough of this shit to know all of this. I couldn't even put half of my anger towards it into words. Fergie's music is ridiculous...just shit terrible. Same with Maroon 5. Fucking embarassing.


Nazi Synthesizer said...

Totally understand. The burnt CD I had in my car got scratched to shit somehow and I was subjected to listen to Z99 or The Wolf for the next few days (I was too lazy to do anything about it). Fucking same 20 songs played in a loop. When you spend a decent chunk of your day in your car (like me), that is complete horse shit and I was going to kill myself if I heard "Money Honey" or "Lips of an Angel" again. And fuck Maroon 5. Terrible music and terrible fucking human beings. Yet that song got in my fucking head and I can't get it out. Not even in a good way. More like how some crazies hear the same shit over and over again in their minds while in lockdown at an asylum. Then they eventually hang themselves in their cell.

Fuck Video on Trial too. I hate that show too. I just don't get hit radio. There are so many good songs out there and yet they never get heard, or they refuse to play it because it doesn't follow the current format of diarrhea thats on the airwaves today. Makes me sick.

I asked for XM Radio for my car this Xmas. Then that mainstream radio bullshit can be over forever for me.

Clock Cleaner said...



Video on trial is really fucking bad.

I realize their point is to make fun of the videos, but having gay people and some obese, unibrow-toting woman make socially acceptible observations about them is not the way to do it. At all.

On that note, Muchmusic seems to have an obssession with putting queers on tv. Devon Saltydick(whatever) is the best example. Sean Gehon (who ive seen do a commentary on video on trial) must be killed.

That dumb fuck of a VJ who won that contest looks like a mannequin who came to life and never learned how to express a personality.

I used to watch muchmusic occasionally, not anymore.

Clock Cleaner said...

and enjoy the new format.

ill have to post tomorrow or saturday. SRY

Isaak said...

XM is fucking shitty...get Sirius. My mom's got XM in her car and it's got shitty music stations and no Howard Stern or Bubba. Then again, they're going to merge eventually so doesn't matter

The Manute Bol Experience said...

I'm feeling the new look.

They've been saying the two satellite radio stations are going to merge for years now. I don't trust them at all.

The Manute Bol Experience said...

And may I suggest that you change the commenting to a pop-up window format like they have at KSK? I like that alot better.

Clock Cleaner said...

It is done.

I'm gonna keep figuring out how this HTML garbage works

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Well I figured I'd go with the winning team. Since XM has 2,000,000 subscribers and Sirius has less than 300,000. I've been hearing a lot too that Sirius is going under, or merging with XM. I looked at the music stations for both services and they seem to be the exact same, just different specialty shows (Howard Stern, Bubba, etc).

Like the format. Except that Orton's pic seems to be in an odd place. Whatever though, its fine.

Really it came down to XM's NHL coverage. Every NHL game. I was going to go with XM for that reason anyway.

PigBearMan? said...

Hahaha I don't know where you got those numbers from, but they're way off. XM has more, but Sirius has been growing a lot faster than XM (XM got a way faster start with no Howard on Sirius). I think they're around 7 mil/5 mil (XM/Sirius). They're still working on the merger, but the whole "monopoly" thing isn't going well with congress or whoever it goes through.

As for the music, I just hate XM's format. It felt like their stations were too general so there was all kinds of music on each one. Sirius has them separated better so I don't have to listen to genres I hate every second song.

But yeah, if you want NHL then XM is the way to go. I thought I'd like the NFL/NBA on Sirius, but I just hate listening to games. If I can't watch it I just won't bother.

God, re-reading that made me feel like I was sucking Sirius' dick. Whatever, XM's gay.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Yeah. I should have gotten a credible source for those numbers. I kinda just took some guy's word in an article I was reading. Probably like 4 years old.

Anyway, yeah, monopoly. I get it. Those are illegal. I really don't see why some other company can't get into the business. I guess those satellites are expensive. I bet Richard Branson could do it. Virgin Satellite Radio. Dude is starting his own fucking airline. He's halfway to space anyway.