Monday, December 3, 2007

Impossible is nothing

Reggie Bush took 6(maybe 5) games to score his first touchdown. He kept the faith and just kept trying his best. Eventually a red-zone play was called in his favour and he overcame the staggering obstacle of not getting a touchdown for a short while. Impossible is nothing.

I was watching a really good porno, and my dick didn't get really hard until 46 seconds in. I just kept watching and eventually it got really hard. Impossible is nothing.

It took my dog longer than normal to find the ball that I threw in the snow. My dog just kept looking, never giving up, and eventually found it. The odds were against it, as the ball was covered with snow, but it kept sniffing around, eventually overcoming those difficulties. Impossible is nothing.

I couldn't find the remote for my TV. I looked everywhere. On the table. Under the table. Under the seat cushions. Fuck. It was on the armrest. I overcame everyone doubting me to find that remote. Impossible is nothing.

Donald Trump couldn't buy out a hotel chain, meaning he wouldn't have enough space to add on a solid gold boathouse to his summer mansion. He overcame the hotel's objections and just built another summer mansion a mile down the road and added a solid gold boathouse to that. Impossible is nothing.


stephen said...

I can't even believe adidas could make that commercial with a straight face. The rest of the ones they made like that are about people who were terminally ill but came back to do something sweet, or people who stepped on landmines but won Olympic medals running on their hands and stuff like that.

But to be fair, they also made commercials for Gil Arenas, Beckham, Kaka, and Lionel Messi, all people who managed to overcome the fact that they are obscenely talented.

This is... said...

I bet the porno he was referring to was 2girls1cup. Pathetic...I had a rager in 10 seconds tops.

Clock Cleaner said...

as if...i was watching took you watching it like 2 times before the boner kicked in.

nice try though.

pathetic loser.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Dude. I was at home. You copied the link to me on MSN...

I'm all for the idea of that insult...It just was so extremely exaggerated and impossible that it made no sense.

Truthfully though, I don't understand the overnight popularity of that video...and why its such a big deal. I've been seeing shit like that posted on gross-out sites since forever. Honestly can't say I've witness more than a few of those horrendous pieces of human obnoxiousness...but now all of sudden its new and shocking?

I guess its because of the way it was portrayed...had its own site and kind of tricked you into watching it. Also, while gross...its not that bad. In the back of my mind I knew there were people out there who at shit and filmed it (Riley?), but I think pictures like Tubgirl and Lemon Party and videos like Goatse are more fucked than that video was.