Monday, March 3, 2008

NFL Offseason Report: Bucs Inch One Step Closer To Creating The Perfect QB

The Buccaneers now have the oddest collection of quarterbacks this world has ever known. It's like they're hoping all the quarterbacks will engage in a big orgy and produce the singular greatest quarterback of all time.

One with Chris Simms' boyish good looks, Jeff Garcia's ability to bag incredibly hot girls despite looking like a chihuahua-horse with skin cancer , Bruce Gradkowski's skin tone, Luke McCown's ability to...pick his nose, Jake Plummer's ability to make laser precision throws while avoiding tackles with his incredibly quick feet, and now... the last piece of the puzzle...the go get 'em attitude and mental fortitude of...Dennis Quaid! Congratulations Bucs on your new acquisition!


Wally MS said...

They just need to convince Farve to come out of retirement so they can have a QB with longevity that produces early in his career, is shit for the next 10 years then is awesome in his last year.

PigBearMan? said...

Are you implying that Favre has another 12-15 seasons left in him?

Wally MS said...

No. I'm saying the Bucs need to sign him so he can be part of there gay QB orgy.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

fuck off marc, you're brutal

that does not describe brett favre at all