Friday, February 29, 2008

Reverse Racism Running Rampant


commercial #1: Car commercial. Two guys are in a car, driving down the road. The driver remarks how he can set play his music by saying the name of the artist out loud. The driver's friend then says "Michael Bolton," making the driver look like a fool when Michael Bolton comes on. The driver, needless to say, is embarrassed.

commercial #2: A Muchmusic commercial. Two guys want music. One does it the Muchmusic way, succeeding in doing whatever the hell it is he wanted to do. The other guy does it another way, failing in the process. The Muchmusic guy is clearly smarter, while the other guy is a fool.

commercial #3: McDonald's commercial. One guy has a burger from the dollar menu, another has a different burger. The McDonald's guy is portrayed as being way smarter and just all around awesomer. Awesomer is a word. Look it up. No? It's a word now, cockbag.

commercial #4:: Dominos "You've got 30 minutes" delivery commercial. Guy opens door to receive pizza, asks delivery person to guess what they did with their 30 minutes. Delivery person says (insert dumb act here), guy, who clearly did the aforementioned dumb act, says "No!" then shuts the door.

Enough examples.

Problem? In all these commercials, the fool was white. The smart person is black. In every single commercial with only 2 guys, if there a black person, they will ALWAYS be the smart, sensible person.

Here's how it goes.

A commercial where a white man is better than a black man.

Society: RACISM! OPPRESSION! Classic case of whites having power over blacks! NAZIS! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!!

A commercial where a black man is better than a white man.

Society: (thumb up their ass)Huh? What's the problem?


There's a new movie coming out called "College Road Trip" which is pretty much the same exact situation. From what I can tell from the previews, it's basically a black family and a white family vacationing together, and the white people are complete dipshits and act like retards. Imagine if it was the other way around.

I just don't approve of this sort of thing. That's all I'll say on this topic.


PigBearMan? said...

I would like to thank The Animal for introducing us to reverse racism. Never thought about it until I saw that movie.

Wally MS said...

Indeed. I can't be part of a mob that kills a black dude.

But alas, there is no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops, or greasers.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Fuck. I mean, for all our kind did to them for hundreds of think you could let them have their stupid commercial/movie racial supremacy. C'mon. We did hang them from trees and shit.

Also, College Road's Martin Lawrence. The dude will look like a stupid fucking failure even if he does try and set it up so white people look retarded in his movies.

Clock Cleaner said...

Yeah good idea, society should be racist one way for awhile, then switch the racism around and go the other way. The group in power can just flip-flop who gets power every x number of years. Two wrongs don't make a right. Didn't you learn anything in kindergarten?

What about Black Knight? White people didn't look stupid in that. Oh wait...

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Pff. One wrong doesn't make a right either.

Revenge, man. Perfectly fair. Besides. We're getting off easy.

They could be lynching us.

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