Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mock Draft Ver. 1.0

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to opine on who I feel each team should take. I don't know a tonne about the prospects, so a lot of this will be based on team need. But, and be honest here, who would you rather have building your team, me or Bill Parcells? That's what I thought.

1. Miami Dolphins - Matt Ryan, QB

Even though it seems like McFadden is the best prospect and athlete in this class, I feel like when you have the first overall pick, you should take a quarterback because you cannot succeed in the NFL without good quarterback play. Plus, Ronnie Brown is very good, providing he comes back from his injury, and running backs are a dime a dozen, unlike quarterbacks. If Parcells doesn't like Ryan or any other QB's in the draft he should trade down for a package of picks and whatnot. John Beck will not win you a Super Bowl.

2. St. Louis Rams - Chris Long, DE

While Long does not appear to bring any one terrific skill to the table, he will be a reliable end for many years.

3. Atlanta Falcons - Glenn Dorsey, DT

The Falcons need a quarterback badly, but with Ryan gone and Michael Turner making McFadden unnecessary, the Falcons should take this opportunity to take a potentially dominant defensive lineman. Combined with last year's first rounder Jamaal Anderson and John Abraham, the Falcons have the makings of a pretty decent defensive line.

4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden, RB

Because Justin Fargas is not as good as his numbers were last year.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long, OT

Because Damion McIntosh is not that good period.

6. New York Jets - Keith Rivers, OLB

The Jets already acquired a nosetackle for their 3-4 D, so I doubt they are taking Sedrick Ellis here and Vernon Gholston is not good enough against the run to play end in the 3-4. This leaves Rivers, a pretty good looking OLB.

7. New England Patriots - Leodis McKelvin, CB

They need help in the secondary and corner makes as much sense as any other position.

8. Baltimore Ravens - Brian Brohm, QB

Because he is much better than anyone else on their quarterback depth chart, and all the stuff from the Dolphins applies.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Vernon Gholston, DE

This guy has "Bigger version of Dwight Freeney" written all over him. 6-3, 266, 4.58 in the 40, 42 inch vert, enough said. In fact, I'm sure he'll go sooner than this given how much scouts love guys like this.

10. New Orleans Saints - Mike Jenkins, CB

Thankfully for them, they have already replaced Jason David with Randall Gay. However, David is still slated to be the nickelback. This clearly needs to be addressed.

11. Buffalo Bills - Malcom Kelly, WR

The Bills defense seems to be coming together good enough, and at least Kelly would give them a receiver taller than 5 foot 7.

12. Denver Broncos - Chris Williams, OT

The nucleus of Denver's dominant O-lines of the past decade seems to have eroded.

13. Carolina Panthers - Kentwan Balmer, DT

The loss of Kris Jenkins frees up a spot on the inside of the defensive line.

14. Chicago Bears - Rashard Mendenhall, RB

Because it's never too early to give up on Cedric Benson. Plus, Mendenhall can catch much better than McFadden, or so I've heard.

15. Detroit Lions - Chris Clady, OT

Despite gaping holes in the secondary, this team needs to keep Kitna on his feet. I realize it's ninety percent his fault, but you still have to try.


In other news:

Fernando Torres : Still awesome

Gustavo Chacin : Still awful

Pat Simmons : Really lucky

Kevin Martin and co. : Terrifyingly good

Shaun Alexander : Finally done?


carl sagan said...

Usually people write something.

Clock Cleaner said...

I choose Oreos!

PigBearMan? said...

I call CNN.

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Jesus, Carl quit being so demanding.

I wrote the title then hit enter, thinking it would take me to the writing box thing. Apparently not.

The Manute Bol Experience said...
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Nazi Synthesizer said...

Alexander is no longer a factor. His days in the sun are officially over.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

I figured I would write my own mock draft here in the comments. Just to see if I would be more right than you. But...I figure you would have thought more about than I have. I won't take up space with explanations right now (I have some). Just compare.

1. DT: Glenn Dorsey, LSU
2. DE: Chris Long, Virginia
3. RB: Darren McFadden, Arkansas
4. DT: Sedrick Ellis, SoCal
5. DT: Jake Long, Michigan
6. DE: Vernon Gholston, Ohio State
7. CB: Mike Jenkins, Southern Florida
8. QB: Matt Ryan, Boston College
9. DT: Kentwan Balmer, North Carolina
10. S: Kenny Phillips, Miami
11: WR: Limas Sweed, Texas
12: OT: Ryan Clady, Boise State
13: OT: Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh
14: OT: Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
15: DE: Derrick Harvey, Florida

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Well there's no way the Falcons will take McFadden. Other than that it seems pretty possible.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

He should be exciting enough to make people forget about Mike Vick. I wouldn't count that pick out. Jerious Norwood can lick my jimmy.

PigBearMan? said...

No, he means the whole paying Michael Turner a bunch of money thing. So yes, count that pick out.

The Manute Bol Experience said...

That's pretty much the only position where they don't have a gaping hole. I'm sure they would love it if Ryan was still on the board though. Although they did get Harrington back so you never know.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Oh fuck. Forgot about that. The roster I looked at didn't have him on the depth chart either. Bullshit. Okay, yeah...then that will change. But I'm not going through the trouble of fixing that.