Thursday, March 20, 2008

Your NCAA Headquarters Are HERE

For everything you needed to know about March Madness, this should be your only source of information.

On day one, even though it's not over yet, there was only one real headline.

Oral Roberts sucked major dick.

Seriously, they blew. Hard. I've never seen a team so unable to wrap their lips around the concept of defence. DeJuan Blair was huge in the middle, and Oral Roberts just could not penetrate them down low. At one point, they were 5-9 from beyond the 3-point line and 1-16 from everywhere else. That's so pathetic.

Pittsburgh was too big for Oral Roberts. No matter what Oral Roberts did, Pittsburgh's hugeness just made anything Oral Roberts did seem insignificant and useless. It must have frustrating for Pittsburgh just to have to put up with it. Oral tried running up and down the outside, that didn't work. They tried sticking it inside, that didn't work. Oral just couldn't get their stroke down against a big Pitt team.

On top of that, Pitt blanketed Oral on defence. It got really rough, actually. Oral Roberts would have needed to lube their entire team up just to get out of the coverage.

At Oral Roberts, they live with constant reminders of the school motto, “Expect a Miracle,” but there were no miracles this day, not against that team. All they got was shock. You could see it smeared all over their faces.


The Manute Bol Experience said...

I love how the abbreviation on The Score was simply "ORAL". I remember last year, CBS had it at "ORAL" for the first half and then changed it to "OROB" for the second.

In other abbreviation news, last year Bradley played Pittsburgh and the scoreboard said:


Pretty super.