Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Butch Harmon Will Not Put Up With Your Bullshit

In an effort to find some kind of sports news that was both awesome and not already on a blog everybody reads, I found a nice piece about John Daly on Yahoo!. Apparently, people are starting to get sick of his so-called "shenanigans".

“My whole goal for him was he’s got to show me golf is the most important thing
in his life,” Harmon said from his golf school in Las Vegas. “And the most
important thing in his life is getting drunk.”
That would be Butch Harmon, Daly's swing coach, explaining why he will no longer be offering Daly his services. I guess Daly spent 2-hour rain delay at a tournament - which he got into on a sponsor's exemption because his fat ass lost his PGA Tour card - drinking in a Hooters, then brought Jon Gruden out to caddy for him when play resumed. Needless to say, he missed the cut.

Colour me impressed. Not only did he give a big fuck you to the PODS Championship people by bringing out an NFL coach to caddy for him, but he shot a 77 after drinking for two and a half hours straight. And because this is John Daly, we can probably assume that those two and a half hours were not spent drinking one or two beers. They were more likely spent doing jag bombs, drinking absinthe, and beating women.

As for Butch, he watches a guy shoot a 77 (probably) blind drunk, then ditches him? Most people couldn't shoot 110 on those courses sober, let alone pissed. If he was as good a coach as he thinks he is, he would have Daly practicing drunk to better prepare him for tournament play.

Hilarious Update: According to Yahoo! (again), Daly was kicked out of the Arnold Palmer Invitational this weekend because he missed his tee time for the wednesday Pro-Am. He claims he was told the wrong tee time, but we all know he was just too shitfaced to wake up. Anyway, he also got Nick O'Hern and Ryuji Imada booted from the tourney because they were next up after Daly and weren't there early enough, I guess. Good old John, trying to ruin as many people's lives as he can before the inevitable heart failure.


PigBearMan? said...

Fuck the formatting on this site. Every fucking time there's one paragraph with proper spacing and the rest are just crammed together. I need to learn html...

The Manute Bol Experience said...

I see no problem with it. Unless it was shittier before and you have fixed it.

Clock Cleaner said...

Format looks fine to me as well. Great photoshop too.

John Daly is the man. Hes got lots of money, doesn't feel like trying anymore, and just gets drunk. He's having fun.

The Manute Bol Experience said...

No kidding. What an awesome life. He's probably one of the worst golfers on tour at this point but has more sponsors than pretty much everyone but the really good guys (Tiger, Phil, Vijay, etc.) and gets exempted into pretty much every tournament but the majors.

PigBearMan? said...

Even that isn't true. The guy's won two majors (not sure which one(s)), so he gets into at least 1 every year.

Does it not show up on your screens as single spaced instead of 1.5 spacing? It looks stupid on mine.

Clock Cleaner said...

It is single spacing, but it looks fine. How do you even get it single spaced?

PigBearMan? said...

I have no idea. The first paragraph is always 1.5 though. Maybe it happens when I add pictures?

As for the post itself, take that MJD! Beat you to a fuckin' story!

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Well at least he earned his way into those majors (British and PGA, I believe). I should take back my statement that he's one of the worst golfers. From a talent standpoint, he's probably one of the best, but from a conditioning and effort standpoint he is right at the bottom.

Yes, the first paragraph is 1.5 spaced but it really doesn't matter.

Clock Cleaner said...

on sitemeter referrals here: Blacks fucking bosnian girls.

Well, that's weird.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

My favorite kind of porn!

I like Daly. But he's nothing more than a novelty act right now. I know its not really commendable, but I commend him for how much he drinks, fucks people over, and just being an overall piece of shit...and still doesn't give a shit. He still hasn't cleaned up...which you'd think any other person by now would have at least tried to do. He loves it. Just a fun lovin' guy.

Any friend of Gruden is a good dude in my books too.