Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry...that you're all fuckheads

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple days. I'll get one up soon. I'll repeat, it's not hard to post something once in awhile. I'm looking at you MBE.

In the meantime, I strongly suggest you check out the sitemeter thing I got. Go to site referrals on the side bar when you enter. You get to see what people type in google to come to this site.

So far, the ones I like the best are:

1."Rogers Commercials suck"

-This has moved up to #1 in google. Congratulations Rogers, you fucking mongrels.

2."the influences of shows like Laguna Beach, The Hills, and My Super Sweet 16"

-This site is at #4 for that. Hooray!

3."Diamond Shreddies Bullshit"

-#1 again. Good job whatever your name is that posted that article. Fucking loser.

4."Muscular man cleaner"

-#5. I wonder what that guy was looking for when he typed that in. I'm pretty sure he meant Mr. Clean

5. Wait scratch that, this is number 1. I'm not going back up to rearrange this shit. Anyway. 1. "Kyle Orton Neckbeard"

-If you type that in, we're #5. That is fucking success, people. Look out obscure Deadspin link, here we come!

Others include: "how much does soulja boy make" at #5, "rogers commercial hate" at #1, and other stupid ones. Go look if you feel like it, although I've pretty much summarized here.


carl sagan said...

You guys are practically famous.

Way to go.

PigBearMan? said...

I knew Carl would come back!

Were you the one searching muscular man cleaner, Carl?

Clock Cleaner said...

Carl was searching for his photos from his magical night with a hunk named Roger.

"gay buttsex with Roger"

carl sagan said...

The amount of gay jokes you guys make is actually frightening.

I really think that the two of you are closet homosexuals. I am not trying to single both of you out because of the last two comments, a lot of the jokes you two make are kind of gay obsessed.

Not that being gay is terrible. But come on.

Clock Cleaner said...


Like, c'mon Carl, that was totally uncalled for.

PigBearMan? said...

Yeah that's so gay...I mean weak. I would say that a lot of our jokes are poorly written and not funny, not "gay obsessed".

On the plus side, Carl reads enough to know how many times we use the word gay (or other synonyms).

Clock Cleaner said...

Hey, it turns out that we make very few gay jokes around here. Go back and read. There's been about 3 in the last 50 posts.

Carl, I'm all for critizing people, but man... you need proof.

Personally, I'm ashamed at the lack of gay jokes. MORE GAY JOKES EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Carl ur gay

carl sagan said...

I'm still fairly sure at least two of you are faggots. It's hard to keep track of who writes what.

Just stop getting all offended. If you are gay, it's not a bad thing. Relax. Just go suck your boyfriends dick and he might rub your nipples until you drift off to sleep.

Clock Cleaner said...

It's hard to keep track?

I knew you were dumb, but I didn't know you were actually retarded.

The only things I find offensive is the lack of gay jokes around here and what I did to Nazi Synthesizer's girlfriend's vaj last night.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Vaj? I'm pretty sure its 'vag'.

Vag - [vāg] - noun, plural: inas, inae

a. the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals.

b. something clock cleaner is repulsed by, due to the fact that he prefers penis.

Clock Cleaner said...

HAHAHA oh god that was funny.

I can't believe I said "Vaj" instead of "Vag"!?!?!

Boy...that's one for the ages.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

You can be the typo king of comedy.