Sunday, February 17, 2008

Soulja Boy is Killing Music

When you hear the words "music" and "talent" together, what do you think of?

Personally, I think of all of the following: a strong voice, maybe a different sounding voice(ex. Michael Jackson, Anthony Kiedis), great ability to play instruments, creative and catchy song writing, singing your emotions and how you feel, letting the music flow through you, a love of playing your instrument, all stuff kind of like that.
That's what I think of. You know what I don't think of? Soulja Boy.

Question. What talent does Soulja Boy have? He was nominated for a Grammy. He must some talent. There must be something that separates him from the rest of the music world.

Fuck you asshole

Answer: Soulja Boy is fucking devoid of any talent whatsoever.

The abomination that was "Crank That" took the world by storm. Idiots everywhere were doing that stupid dance. Society took one look at Soulja Boy, lifted him on its shoulders, stood up, and took a giant crap on every single hard-working musician with common sense.

A visit to Youtube courtesy of Pigbearman? provided me the opportunity to watch Soulja Boy's new video, called "YAAAH!!" or something. Soulja isn't stupid, he realized how his shitty dance got so popular, so he made up something he thought was catchy.

Here's an excerpt.

"When someone you don't wanna talk to is all up in your face and trying to talk to you ya'll go YAAAAAH TRICK YAAAAAH!!!"

Alright...that is not a saying. YAAH? What does that even mean? Like...Jesus. I can't even think of anything to say to something like that. It's so...dumb...makes no sense...plain stupid. And ...aaaAAARGGGGHHH WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS?

If I'm talking to someone in person or on the phone and they say YAAAH to end the conversation, I would hunt that person down and rip out their throat. The worst thing is that people even recognize this garbage. No one should ever even be hearing this stuff. It isn't music. He sounds like Timmy from South Park in his YAAH video (GibbidibiliAAHH)for Christ's sake. Am I bitter this asshole kid is making millions off of retarded songs? You bet your ass I am. This is bullshit. I want to make money for being retarded.

Here...I've got it...the next craze! Whenever you have to fart, you yell "CHEEEEETTTOOOSSSSS!"

ZOMG! Genius! Where's Def Jam Records? Sign me to a contract, you fucking bozos!


Wally MS said...

You know why Def Jam will miss out on the smash hit "CHEEEEETTTOOOSSSSS!", and sign Soulja Boy and other crap like him for 10 more albums?
Because white people love it. Plain and simple. Black people want to kill Soulja Boy, but us white folk are actually giving him money to sing that shit.

What does every drunk white chick and fucked up guido listen too? This shit.

This is why everyone hates Rap. Although this shit is not rap. Neither is 50 Cent or that verbal diarrhoea coming out of Kanye West's mouth. Rap is about agnst and oppression. Not how much your fucking jewry cost. White people are the only ones to blame for making this "music" popular and last.

Now that on I'm on the subject, since when does playing the piano and singing like a girl make you cool? Fuck it there is not enough room here to rant. Check out for more.

PigBearMan? said...

Was that last part a shot at Alicia Keys? I would love to see her boobers...on my head.

And 50 Cent is actually rap. I agree about Kanye and this assclown being hip-hop, but Fity is one of a few actual rappers.

The Manute Bol Experience said...

Not like I listen to Kanye's music, and he is an arrogant, pompous asshole with the biggest sense of entitlement I have ever seen (anyone see his stupid fucking Grammy speech? If your Mom is so important, talk about her first you clown...) but at least he is innovative in his field and does some very original things musically.

That was a very poorly written sentence. Hopefully you can comprehend it.

Not the time or place to plug your blog either. Makes you look desperate.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Yeah Kanye West is a fucking loser. But he's good.

About Soulja Boy. I'm not surprised. I mean...its been happening since MC Hammer. So...he'll get his someday. Like MC Hammer. Don't worry about it.

If the best thing he's come up with is "superman that ho"...I wouldn't count on having to listen to his shit for too much longer.

Clock Cleaner said...

very good point said...

What the hell is with SB's jacket? I'd never be caught dead wearing something like that.