Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

These ones come with even LESS details than before!

1. Colts
2. Vikings - I bet the Vikings would beat the Saints, based on no thought process. But I'm sure the logic is kicking around somewhere.
3. Saints - A Saints - Colts Superbowl would be fantastic.
4. Patriots - I don't know.
5. Bengals - Fuck the AFC North is good. It seems like the Bengals, Ravens, and Steelers will beat everybody else they play except themselves. The Bengals have a 2-game season starting this week, if they win, lock up the division and possibly a bye.
6. Steelers
7. Ravens
8. Broncos - I'll overreact to their loss. The Ravens crushed them, and I expect the Steelers would do the same. The Patriots would beat them if they played again, and so would the Bengals. Now that teams know what this Broncos team plays like, they can gameplan for it. The Broncos were almost like an expansion team this year, no one knew what to expect at the start. I expect the Broncos will remain around this spot until the end of the year.
9.Eagles - The Eagles WILL make the playoffs, and they are always a threat to go all the way, just like every other year.
10. Packers - Good team, they've just happened to play the Vikings(who rock) and the Bengals(very close game). There's no shame in losing to the Vikings, and the Packers are still a very good team.
11. Dallas - Homo can get them a couple big wins here and there.
12. Cardinals - They're obviously going to make the playoffs again, thanks to the league's shittiest division. That pisses me off.
13. Texans - Daniels is a big loss, but Walter can pick up the slack. Their defence is playing very good now, and they can sneak into the playoffs. Colts twice in 3 weeks won't be fun, but the Colts have lost a couple defensive starters, so maybe we'll get a couple shootouts.
14. Atlanta- They were able to make some very good defensive plays against the Saints that should have put them in winning position, but they still didn't win. They're a good team, but there's still some work that needs to be done.
15. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - Still awesome. Can't decide if cutting them diagonally is better than right across.
16. Dolphins- Way to fuck the Jets up.
17. Jets - Way to fuck up.
18. Chargers - Like a worse version of the Texans
19. Bears
20. Panthers- I say the Panthers finish strong, possibly beating the Saints.
21. 49ers
22. Titans- Chris Johnson
23. Seahawks
24. Redskins
25 and so on. - I'm fucking done with this.


Inbred Nation said...

Jesus...are you trying to make this blog worse than "My Head Hurts"?

Clock Cleaner said...

it's just turning out that way