Sunday, November 1, 2009

New TV Shows on FOX

Can't wait for the new Wanda Sykes show. Looks so good. Seen the preview? She asks her sound technician if he's ever eaten a vegetable. HA! That will be the entirety of the show. She'll stand there, make sassy black woman jokes to and about everyone, and hilarity will surely ensue. So excited!

While watching the World Series, I also noticed that Seth McFarlane happens to be the owner of 4 shows on Fox. Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and now some sort of variety show called "Almost Live." I liked Family Guy, but not really anymore. I watched American Dad once, hated it. Never seen the Cleveland Show, and I have no plans too. They're all the same fucking show anyways. Almost Live will just be continuation of whatever you want to call McFarlane's "style." I call it "shitty," but to each his own.

Oh, and I've never seen Brothers, but it probably sucks dog cock as well. Strahan promotes it endlessly, which makes me want to see it even less. I have no respect for any company that insists on driving its product down your throat. Tease me, companies. Then I become curious about what you're selling, instead of feeling like I'm being raped with it.

*Wow, after re-reading that last paragraph, I can't even believe how sexual that got. I didn't even intend that. That might be the gayest paragraph I've ever written.

The release of Windows 7 has brought on a whole new onslaught of Mac and PC ads. In the spirit of being fair and unbiased, they can both go fuck themselves. So sick of the "Mac and PC" garbage, and equally sick of Microsoft's attempt to counter with "I'm a PC and blah blah I'm hip blah."