Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Fresh Prince Previews the Superbowl

Will: Yo whats the hot pick with all da honeys? Uhuhuhuh Y'NAWIM SAYIN??
See, whatever the honeys like, I like! Y' NAWIM SAYIN??

(enter Carlton)

Carlton: You know WILL, I think the people expect an actual answer. You side-stepped the question and did not actually give an articulated answer. Also, You can't expect to treat women like objects your entire life. You need to grow up, Will. You MUST change.

Will: Carlton, you MUST grow.

(They get in each other's grills)

Carlton: Hey MISTER, I'm sick of your constant insults. Someone needs to teach you a lesson. Grow up. Why don't you act like an adult?

Will: Why don't you look like one?

(enter Uncle Phil)

Phil: Alright you two, settle down. (rings bell)Geoffrey?

(enter Geoffrey)

Geoffrey: You rang?

Phil: It's almost time for lunch Geoffrey. Can you please start making lunch?

(enter Jazzy Jeff as Phil is speaking)

Jazz: I'm starvin'. When do we eat here?

Phil: "We" eat here soon, "you" eat here never.

Jazz: (looking Phil up and down) Looks like "you" eat here often.

Carlton: I agree with the big guy, it's time for lunch. Geoffrey, I would simply enjoy a sandwich for lunch today. Can you make me a sandwich?

Geoffrey: Certainly, sir.

Geoffrey:(placing a slice of bread on Carlton's head) There you are.

(enter Hilary)

Hilary: Omigod everyone! I was totally in a bug spray commercial today and there were these super hot guys everywhere! And look, they gave me a fake bug! Like, EW!

Carlton: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH(runs away screaming)

Will: Man, you'd think someone just told him he couldn't wear plaid for the rest of his life. Maybe then he'd get some honeys!! Y'NAWIM SAYIN?

Jazz: Weren't you people s'posed ta be previewing sumpin?


Ashley said...

What the fuck? I don't get one fucking line?