Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do you play team deathmatch? You do? You're a communist.

While playing Call of Duty 4 today I realized something. More on that later.

Team Deathmatch is far and away the most popular multi-player scenario out of the 20 or so that exist. At least 80% of all people playing are playing Team Deathmatch. The teams are divided up equally, or least as equal as the rankings make them out to be.

My gameplay strategy is this: I try to maintain a good kill/death ratio, thereby ensuring I am doing my part to win my team the game. I will not lose the game for my team, you can bet your ass on that. I won't have a ridiculous number of kills, but you'll be fucked sideways by a tractor if I'm on your team and we lose because of me. I like to work with my teammates to win.

This is a smart strategy, and I am no doubt not the only one who uses it.

HOWEVER, there are those who have the sole goal of getting points(in real-world= money). Some people do things solely to benefit themselves, not caring if the team wins or not. Get 24 kills and 32 deaths? Who cares, you're at the top of the leaderboard on your team. When you lose, make sure you declare how everyone below you sucks and how they cost you the game.

If you have two teams and one has only a couple guys who do really good, with the other team having everyone doing their part and doing decent, the second will win hands down. Why? Communism.

So what I've realized is that communism works. The team with everyone working together and each doing their part will win every time.

Of course, using you could sit in a corner and shoot everyone that came around the corner, but that's just gay.


Wally MS said...

while team deathmatch is fun, i find it is too short. i like playing headquarters because the games usually last longer. although occasionally you get a game with a clan, then you are usually fucked. more strategy to hq. overall more fun and more killing.

btw you care to much about kill/death ratio. stats dont really me anything. so stop quitting games because you have 5 deaths and only 1 kill.

btwbtw i miss COD4 online. stuck with just playing campaign. still fun but its like a model airplane compared to the JSF.

Nazi Synthesizer said...

Hey Riley...why don't you just get a lot of kills while not dying?

No one wants to see some faggot camping in a corner who finishes a game 6 and 2. The faster you get kills the faster your team wins. If you're dying more than you're retarded anyway.

Clock Cleaner said...

I just can't dominate this game the way I owned COD3. And when someone like marc is able to beat me, well, I need every shred of dignity I can scrape off the floor.