Sunday, September 23, 2007

When did "What's up?" become a greeting

It's a fucking question...not a greeting

People walk by me at school and work and say "what's up" all the time. They're asking me what is up. Saying "what's up" isn't a greeting. Questions aren't greetings.

I'm walking down the hallway, some turd who I know walks by me and says "what's up." My mind goes into processing mode. Is he trying to initiate a conversation in the middle of this crowded hallway? Doesn't he see it's impossible to just stop and begin a conversation? Dear God, what is this cunt trying to pull? He's obviously just asked me a question, and I'll look like a jerk if I don't respond to his question.

But like what the fuck do they think is up?

I'm at school. Can you guess what I'm doing? IM GOING TO FUCKING SCHOOL. Weird, hey? Why would someone be at school and be doing anything other than going to school? Even if they were there for fun, it's still not interesting enough to have a conversation with someone about.
Maybe I'm at work. Guess what I'm doing now? WORKING.

On most occasions when people say "what's up" I just keep walking and yell "NOTHING MAN HOW ABOUT YOU." In the back of my head I just want to turn around and go punch them in the back of the head.

Sometimes people yell back "NOTHING." Sometimes they don't hear because they've already moved on to asking other people "what's up."

On msn, you say "what's up" and it's perfectly alright. You've begun a conversation. You're seeing if the person is actually there, too. Maybe they're going to work soon, maybe they have sports in a bit, maybe they're about to eat supper. So you ask "what's up."

"What's up" is not a greeting, and someone gives me the ol' "what's up" at least once a day.

Well I'll tell you what's up. My middle finger to those who use "what's up" as a greeting.


St. Chris Simon said...

What's up?

Isaak said...

I prefer "How's it goin?" At least with that you can answer it with 2 words and continue with your day. Unless the bastard is depressed or something and wants to talk about it with you...then you really fucked up

clock cleaner said...'s it goin? is better because it doesn't require a follow-up question as in "what's up." You aren't as obligated to return the question. There's no reason, that's just the way it goes. The downside is that it still opens the door to a conversation.

Wally said...

I prefer the little head flick.