Friday, September 7, 2007

Dinner at the Joneses

As the regular season rolls around, players in the NFL get ready for a long and arduous season. A season where the focus is on football and there is rarely time to sit back with your family and relax. With two of their sons playing in the NFL, the Joneses had a rare opportunity to sit down and actually eat supper together before the season begins.


Thomas: Pass the turkey, Julius.

(Julius tosses a piece at Thomas.)

Thomas: (piece drops right through his hands) Goddammit Julius... no wonder they don't try the halfback pass with you.

(Asante Samuel picks up the piece and runs with it to the other side of the house, crouching in a corner and nibbling on the piece.)

Julius: What?! That was perfect! Here's another. (Julius tosses another piece.)

(Thomas drops it again.)

Thomas: Ma! There's sure a crapload of grub here.

(sidling up)Leon: Wanna split it?

Thomas: Hell NAH! I'm eating all I can before I come across some misfortune!

Julius: Yeah there really is a lot of food here.

Thomas: I'll get us some root beer to wash these eats down.

(Thomas inadvertently slips on the piece of turkey he dropped earlier. His ACL tears in 3 places.)

Julius: Ohhhh! I'm so full! (Marion Barber enters the room and promptly gobbles up the rest of Julius' food.)