Thursday, May 31, 2007

Loco Logos #2

That title is just too good to only use once. So now i bring you the 2 best and 2 worst logos in each major North American sport(NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB).

It is my belief that in order to have a good logo, it must have these essential things.

1. A good logo should not be too complicated. When you're a kid and trying to draw your favorite team's logo, you shouldn't have to be Rembrandt to draw it.
2. It should kinda represent the area where the team is.
3. It should have something to do with the name of the team.
4. Overall good and menacing looks

My selections might not quite follow these guidelines, so...fuck you.

First up, the NFL

The best:

The Denver Broncos

Not too complicated (maybe a little too many details on the horse's face), great color scheme, good representation of the team. A modern look, but not over the top.

Represents the city and team perfectly, simple to draw and even good looking.

Honorable mention: New England

Worst Logos

The Detroit Lions

A shadow of a jumping blue lion? Lame. You can't distinguish any features and if the team wasn't called the lions, you'd think it was a disfigured retard in the midst of falling over.

Well let's see if you can guess which team is next..

who else but...

The Cleveland Browns!

The epitomy of a crappy logo. In the beginning, the team held a contest to figure out what to name themselves. The city of Cleveland, being the absolute idiots that they are, voted to name their team the Browns (Note: That's a dumb fucking color to name your team after.) Though it's been disputed over whether they chose the name Browns because of Paul Brown the coach or Joe "Brown Bomber" Louis, the outcome remains the same. The team is still named the Browns. Now when naming your team, the next step is to create a logo. Naturally, no smart person would name a team the Browns, so they surprisingly couldn't come up with logo either. So what they do is just use a brown helmet. Good job Cleveland! Not creative at all, though a perfect representation of the team name(which in turn is not creative at all). Not easy to draw(that 3D helmet is not easy to draw at all). To boot, not good looking at all.

Dishonorable mention: Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings

The other sports later...


Man Hole said...

Awful...stick to funny ones.

But ya, the "Browns" is the worst team name ever. Worst jersey/logo in hockey better go the to the Bruins for their alternate jersey. Just terrible...

clock cleaner said...

I'm thinking the Canucks' alternate might take the cake there.

What's awful about it?
Or are you just mad because i mentioned your precious redskins?

Anonymous said...

the canucks alternate is beautiful. its my favorite hockey jersey ever

Man Hole said...

The Redskins logo isn't too bad...the name in general is pretty awful, but the logo isn't bad.

I think the Giants should be up there for worst though. Their creativity is right up there with the Browns logo. Same with the Bengals...that logo is weak

The Big Fundamental said...

If you are judging to easiness to draw / simplicity, the Redskins logo is pretty bad.

Even though I hate the team, the Steelers have a deadly logo and team colours.