Friday, May 11, 2007

Laughable and Maddening Things

Things are all around us.

Here's a list of many things that can be funny, yet make you mad at the same time.

1. The Blue Jays season
Today the Blue Jays got stomped by the Red Sox. To top it off, B.J Ryan is out for the season. It really is quite funny watching pitchers like Frasor, Marcum and Downs pitch their 2 innings and see who can let in more runs. It's maddening because the Jays had gone out and got the neccesary talent to succeed. Without a closer and a solid bullpen, there's just no way the Jays will have a good season. Jason Frasor is not the guy to fill in. You can't be a closer if you can barely throw better than these two guys.

2. Cabbie on the Street
Honestly, I hate Cabbie. Going up to a famous athlete and essentially harassing them is not my idea of good t.v. All he does is wave his arms in front and around whoever he's talking to. The only way it's funny is seeing how uncomfortable he makes whoever he's talking to, and how oblivious he is to how much they want to punch him in the face. talking to David Ortiz... he says: How come you don't laugh when you smash home runs?" (leans in closer) and repeats: "when you SMASH home runs?" (leans in even closer about 2 inches from Ortiz's face) and repeats again: "WHEN YOU SMASH HOME RUNS?"

Why on earth they gave this asshole a job I'll never know.

3. Drivers who feel the need to drive as fast as they can all the time

Everyone drives fast. I do a lot of the time. When you're late as much as I am you need to drive fast.
But there is a common sense factor that is taken into account. When you see a light turn red, common sense would say take your foot off the pedal. You don't need to speed to the light then slam on the brakes when you know the light is red. It's funny because you know that if you time it right you can go through the light as soon as it turns green and beat the guy who speeds up to the red light and is stopped there.

4. Girl Bodybuilders

Actually I'd say bodybuilders in general. There's no point in looking like a freak.
Funny because they're all trying to compensate for something like small height or low-self esteem. And girl bodybuilders are so very creepy.