Thursday, December 3, 2009


I watched part of an episode of SNL last Saturday. And GOOD GOD, was that the most astoundingly poor decision of the night.

The first skit: and it had Gerard Butler sitting at his desk interviewing a guy for a job. They have a serious conversation for about 30 seconds, then Butler's assistant comes in. She makes these weird noises for and says "You're my boss huuuuuuuuhuhuhuhuh" and everyone in the studio starts laughing. Then Butler tells here to go away, so she does, but then she opens the door again and makes more noises, none of which I can tell are words, and leaves again. Everyone is laughing. Then she appears at the window, holding a dead mouse in her hand, makes more noises for a longer time period, then finally the skit ends.

Second skit:
Gerard Butler as King Leonidas. Unsurprisingly, everyone has their chests covered. I can't quite remember the exact details of this one, but the joke was that everyone was gay, and not admitting it. Rest assured, no funny lines used.

Third skit:Weekend Update. Some lady came on, sat there humming for awhile, while the audience gradually faded in and out of laughter. I guess it got funnier, then less funny, then funnier. Not sure how that works. Then I turned off the TV.

Bold Analysis: F - Fucking garbage. I have never, ever seen a show this bad. I had been lazily reclining on the couch when this came on, but by the end I was on the edge of my seat. I was enthralled by the shittiness of these skits. How can something this bad get made? It confuses the hell out of me. You're supposed to have a team of writers working each week to make a one hour show, and between all the stupid trumpets, advertisements, and dicking around, you need around 40 minutes of actual material. Writers, come up with 40 minutes of something MILDLY funny. Last year I thought SNL was on the upswing, but I was wrong. They've jumped into a canyon.

On a related note, the audience laughter baffles me. These things ARE NOT funny. People go into these comedy shows and just laugh at everything mindlessly. It doesn't have to be funny. They're at a show that is supposed to be funny, so they find everything funny. It reminds me of that time Jerry Seinfeld was on a late night show, and Michael Richards came on to apologize for his comments, and while he's explaining himself, the crowd is just laughing away. Nothing about it is funny, but everyone's laughing. Jerry has to tell the crowd to shut up. It's weird that people see something unfunny and just start laughing because of where they are. Something about that scares me.

Anyway, SNL is horrid. And everyone on that show should be shot. They rely on Digital Shorts to be funny, but those require elaborate setups and camera work. They can't make straight up funny skits. Kill 'em.