Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some Things That Are Stupid. Some That Are Awesome.

Wrestling= Stupid.

Maltesers commercials= Stupid.

KIA radio commercials= Stupid. KIA is so nice and gooooduh...funny the first time, sickening the 500th time.

Peeing after holding it in for a long time= Awesome.

Juliette Lewis= Stupid. Incredibly ugly, and lots of people think she's hot. They're stupid too.

Taking a giant crap that comes out smooth and clean= Awesome.

Brandon Marshall= Awesome.

Idiots in classes who feel the need to say something despite the fact they have
absolutely nothing to say= Stupid.

When you do a group thing in class, and there's a mildly hot girl, who is also half-retarded, that wants to lead everyone in the discussion.= Stupid.

The guy who is desperately trying to make sexual relations with the afore-mentioned mildly hot girl by agreeing completely with everything she says and pretending like he's super cool by not caring about the material being discussed= Stupid.

Kyle Orton's Neckbeard= Still Awesome.

The Philadelphia Bomb Squad being called in and exploding hot dogs that had been heavily wrapped and left outside the stadium.= Stupid.

Everyone saying "better safe than sorry!" after the hot dogs had been blown up.= Stupid. Hooray for widespread terrorism fears! Get fucked. photoshop contests= Awesome.