Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Innocent Typo...OR IS IT?

"Associated Press- DES MOINES, Iowa - The president of an Iowa college says he's sorry about an unfortunate and offensive typo in a school handbook.

A calendar entry for Feb. 16, 2009, was supposed to read "Black History Lunch and Learn." Instead, it says "Black History Linch and Learn."

The handbook was distributed to about 10,000 students before the mistake was discovered."

That's some funny shit right there, but I find it really hard to believe this is a typo. You know they're typing this stuff in Word, or at least something similar. Of course whatever program they're using is going to have spellcheck. So how is it even possible to miss that? Linch isn't a word, unless you're talking about Linch, a loose collection of hamlets and a civil parish in the Chichester District of West Sussex, England. And that most definitely is not in the Microsoft Word dictionary. It would have clearly shown up as an error.

I doubt anything will happen to the guy who typed it(fire him), and people will probably forget all about it in a couple days, but it's interesting to see these little jolts of blatant racial hatred once in awhile.


The Manute Bol Experience said...

If they were trying to do it they would've went with lynch with a y. Its just as explainable because 'Y' and 'I' are both right beside 'U'. Although I wouldn't put it past him to have spelled 'lynch' incorrectly.

Clock Cleaner said...

I think the "linch" is less subtle than "lynch" and he'd definitely be out of there if he'd wrote "lynch". He's a criminal mastermind!