Thursday, April 3, 2008

Congrats on Your New Balls, Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals News: As a fan of the Bengals, this is good to see. Marvin Lewis has already put Chad Johnson in his place, and did it very well. His speech on the topic was very pretty tough and he made it crystal clear that Chad Johnson will be a Bengal next season. I think Chad will play, and play well. If the Bengals can somehow do better this year and manage to make the playoffs, Chad won't be a problem.

In other Bengal news, they cut Chris Henry. This is another step in the right direction for the Bengals. After he turned himself in on an assault charge this morning, the Bengals announced they were going to cut him. He's a player, but man...get a fucking brain. I don't think it's entirely his fault, and people might just be taking advantage of his troublesome past, but in any case, it all comes back to him. If you're fortunate enough to be able to play in the NFL, you CANNOT be doing dumb shit. He got a second chance with the Bengals after last year, so he should have been sitting at home and working out or something every night. Thing is, his priorities are all fucked up. If you pick going out and drinking every night over playing in the NFL, if I was an owner, I would not want you on my team. Some people just don't realize how lucky they are.

So...this really thins out the receivers on the Bengals. After Housh and CJ, it's Antonio Chatman. Obviously, they need to fill those spots. Malcolm Kelly, the best WR, isn't rated high enough to be taken #9. I'm guessing they'll take the best DT or DE available at their spot, then take a receiver next round. They might trade up a few spots to make sure they get Sedrick Ellis. In any case, they'll be taking a defensive player with whatever pick they end up with.

I don't know what the Bengals have been doing with their team. Look at their 2005 roster. The team now consists of pretty much the exact same players, just minus most of the good ones. No one has gotten better. It's like they've traded all their draft picks the last 2 years for an old sandwich.

Broncos News: Fucking Brandon Marshall. He's going to miss the entire offseason because of his stupid arm. I don't know how you almost rip your arm off wrestling with a family member, and I don't know why he's a grown man(and a giant football player) wrestling family members, but this just sucks.

For the draft, the Broncos are pretty much guaranteed to take an Offensive Tackle. They gotta protect Cutler better than last year.

Eagles News: Eagles, get a fucking wide receiver. McNabb is a great player, but he can only do so much with Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis. If they just had one really good receiver, it would probably catapult them back into the NFC Championship game. McNabb has never complained about his receivers, but look how good they were when T.O. was there.

They'll probably draft some defensive loser. I say take the best WR available, shore up linebacking or safety in the second and third rounds.


The Manute Bol Experience said...

At least one of Ellis and Gholston should fall to them. They should take Ellis if he's there I would assume.

The Bengals should take Limas Sweed in the second round. I think he's projected to fall that far. That guy is fucking nails.

I hate to bring everything back to the Jays, but I'm already sick of Eckstein. The guy hasn't hit the ball onto the dirt yet. He chops everything to the edge of the fucking infield grass. What a useless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

limas sweed goes in the first round. watch

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