Sunday, November 4, 2007

Transformers Goofs

I love Transformers, but after recently re-watching the movie, I could not help but notice many errors.

Factual Error: In the city battle scene, Mikaela is seen driving Bumblebee around in a tow truck while he shoots at the Decepticons. She is driving very fast, as well as backwards and weaving through traffic. As Mikaela is a girl, how could she be driving this way and not crashing? It's preposterous that a woman could even pass another driver, never mind going backwards fast.

Human Error: When Mikaela is walking home from the lake party, my throbbing dong opened up a cream factory inside my pants. I need new pants.

Factual Error: When U.S. Soldiers are running from Scorponok in a middle eastern country, they run into a town of Middle Easterns that decide to help them. What gives?

Weird Error: At the very beginning of the movie, Blackout(helicopter) destroys an entire army base in minutes. When he's in the city, a rag-tag group of soldiers take him down no problem. Get your head out of your ass Blackout. Fuckhead.

Continuity Error: During the city battle scene, Barricade(police car) says he's on his way, but never shows up. The Decepticons procede to lose the battle and most of them die. Where the fuck did Barricade go?


St. Chris Simon said...

I think they tell you that Mikaela knows a lot about cars at the not too tough to see how she could drive like that. But yeah...women drivers are fucking terrible. Only thing worse is an elderly asian woman...combining the three worst types of drivers.

and yeah...megan fox is hot as fuck. I'd crawl on my hands and knees over broken class to suck the dick of the last dude who fucked her.

Also...Middle Easterners are our bitches. They would be glad to help out...or we shoot their fucking heads off. I don't think any of them had bombs strapped to their chests.

Barricade gets fucked up.

clock cleaner said...


and Barricade DOES get fucked up by Bumblebee, but when the signal is sent out to the Decepticons, it shows him en route to the battle. He must have recovered. But he never shows...