Wednesday, November 28, 2007

R.I.P Meast

He was one bad SOB, and it was awesome. He'll live on in my Madden franchise for years to come...until he retires.


St. Chris Simon said...


He'll be blowing coverages in heaven now.

Stephen said...

He isn't (wasn't?) Roy Williams.

Since Taylor has no use for the Meast nickname anymore, I think we should transfer it to Jamario Moon.

St. Chris Simon said...


clock cleaner said...

Taylor is the man-beast for life.

I hope the Redskins are able to masturbate the ball down the feel this week. That's the only way they can overcome this emotional cock slap

Isaak said...

Apparently the Skins have to play next thursday, and with Meast's funeral on Monday, they have one day to practice between their 2 games.

Sean Taylor can't even be compared to Roy Williams. I fucking hate that piece of shit

St. Chris Simon said...

Both were equally bad for trying to make the big hit and were only successful 40% of the time...the rest were huge gains or TD's. That might be a bit exaggerated, but you get my point.

A difference is that ST's hits were unreal and (usually) clean. Despite the mess the opposing player made on the field post-hit. Since they usually shit and/or pissed themselves afterwards. Roy is a horse-collar tackling piece of garbage who has had some moments, but is pretty much overrated.

With all due respect to Taylor (him being dead and all). His skill of being able to knock the fuck out of someone on defense usually meant a lot of misses too. Which was a shame, because he was by far the most gifted safety around. I just thought he should of tried to not go for the big hit on every goddamn play. Exciting though, he was very exciting.

Not like this matters anymore though. Unless he gets a seat closer to Jesus by how he does in heaven's weekly pick-up game. I hear Moses brings the pain on defense.

Isaak said...

Haha he did go for a lot of big hits, but he was still reliable in coverage. I've only missed 2 of their games this year and I can really only think of one game where he was successfully targeted deep. I'm not saying he was an interception machine - all but one of his picks were terrible, punt-like throws - but he didn't blow his coverages that often. Had he not died and just been injured, I still think that Carlos Rogers is a bigger loss to their defense. Shawn Springs gets violated in similar ways that Jordan's mom would at a rainbow party.

Damn, I wrote that paragraph then had to fix all of my tenses while talking about him...that's fucked up.

This is... said...

That's good. Shawn Springs is air tight. My mom is safe.

I hear Riley's mom gives free rimjobs downtown. Its tough to say where exactly...cops have been giving her some trouble. She has to be nomadic.

clock cleaner said...

This is...not true

Jordan is...retarded.

Jordan's new name is...really stupid.

This is... said...

You don't understand. And that was painfully unfunny and not clever. Get over yourself.

My name changed for some reason when I wrote something for a profile. I won't change it cause it obviously gets you angry for some reason.

Why don't you go fuck Sean Taylor if you love him so much? I have a shovel you can borrow.

clock cleaner said...

k explain it then.

Get over myself? Shut up. My ego is completely irrelevant in this situation.

your name doesn't make me angry. it makes me think you're stupid.

who said i love sean taylor so much? do you even think before you write anything?

clock cleaner said...

and i look forward to your new blog.

The fruit loop?

is it about your gay exploits?

This is... said...

If you've seen the blog, theres no need to explain. Why press the issue for no reason?

You think its stupid, I said you don't understand. Simple as that. Really, my name has no relevance at all. Shouldn't matter,and you know its me...don't be retarded.

Ego is irrelevant? Well then don't assume making fun of the name "this is..." and think you're super clever and funny. I obviously don't care about having it, not my choice of name...just worked out for the layout of that blog. Didn't want my name there.

Yeah, The Fruit Loop is about my gay exploits...since you have tons of evidence to back that up. And no one has any reason to assume you aren't a homosexual.....

If I was gay, I'd be up to my neck in dick. There'd be no mistaking it either. Fact remains, I'm not, and won't ever be. went out of your way to make a tribute post to ST, defend his play, calling him the "man-beast for life". You love him. Don't be embarrassed. Embrace it.

clock cleaner said...

I banged your mom last night.

and taylor fucking died. Asshole.

clock cleaner said...

i haven't seen the blog. so explain your name.

don't sit there and get mad because i don't understand. I am calling it stupid because i don't know what it means. so tell me.

and i didn't think i was super clever and funny with my comment. i was just insulting you because i thought your name was stupid. your random comment about my mom was you just being a dick, so i responded. i didn't sit there for 15 minutes laughing to myself about how funny it you, for some reason, seem to think i did.

and lindsey made the post about ST.

Nazi Synthesizer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nazi Synthesizer said...

You must have seen it. You knew the name. Thats about all it is so far. I was hoping to make another blog for us, more non-sport related. Whatever. It can sit there for the time being.

My name is a non-issue, since it I didn't think writing "this is..." in that spot would change my name. Anyway, its fixed.

Pff, and don't act like your mom hasn't been made fun of before. Roll with it. Did I get all bent out of shape when Lindsey made fun of my mom? No.

Whatever, I still think you're clever and funny. Relax, we've starred in a porn together. That kind of bond is unbreakable.

You can have the last word if you must...I'm not writing anything else. Getting old, real fast.

Clock Cleaner said...

ah i thought you were genuinely offended when i made my response.
it just had that kinda tone.

from now i respond to all insults with derogatory comments towards the insulter's penis and/or butthole.