Saturday, June 23, 2007

Seven Awesome Things About The Internet

1. the obvious pick

2. Wikipedia

Looking for the answer to anything? Go to Wikipedia. Anything you're looking for, you'll find it. Teachers say not to use Wikipedia because it's mostly made up. Well that's straight up bullcrap. There's so many checks before you can edit a topic and any facts have to be confirmed by a reliable source and an expert.

Here's a couple entries to get your motor going...


Val Kilmer


3. Google Earth

Because you can see your house.

Google Earth

actually google maps is easier and you don't have to download anything

4. Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports sites organize everything for you and calculate all your points, letting you stick to watching the sport and enjoying it instead of analyzing it. Plus it's the closest most people will ever be to managing something.

5. The Dramatic Prairie-Dog

The best 5 seconds you'll ever spend.

6. Ebay

A great place to look for bargains and stuff you can only find in certain places. Looking for a game? Got that. What about an antique piece of furniture? Got that. How about a used thong? Got that.


It allows any dumb coked-out asshole to put anything at all they want on the internet for everyone to see. Point in case: this guy.


St. Chris Simon said...

My favorite one...#1. "the obvious pick".

I love that site. It didn't even need an explanation its so cool.

Check it out!

Man Hole said...

I visit that site daily...some crazy stuff going on there.

No reason to call a man you don't even know a "coked-out asshole". Almost sounds sexual.

clock cleaner said...

It doesn't sound sexual.

You're just retarded.

Carl Monday said...

I still can't believe that bitch 2 posts down put her thong on the wrong way. How retarded can people be?