Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ

News story on Yahoo!

"Domino’s delivery driver comes to the rescue of elderly daily customer

Every day for the past three years, 82-year-old Jean Wilson of Memphis has ordered a large, thin-crust pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes from a local Domino's Pizza. Some are now saying that Wilson's Domino's habit may have saved her life.

Wilson recently had a fall in her house and wound up not being able to power herself up. So after her regular order failed to surface for three days delivery driver Susan Guy--who said she's come home numerous times in the past to find her cancer-stricken mother on the floor after a fall--took it upon herself to drive to Wilson's house to check on her.

"I said, 'she hasn't called in three days?' " Guy told the Today Show. "I have to go."

Guy told the show that when she arrived at Wilson's address, she beat on all the windows and doors of the house, but heard no response, so she called 911. When police paramedics arrived and entered the home, they found Wilson on the floor. She's reportedly doing well, and is expected to return home soon."

Let's not waste time. What the FUCK is this lady doing ordering a large pizza every day for 3 FUCKING YEARS?! That's the kind of behaviour that gets you locked up in a mental institution. Say it costs $20 for the large pizza and two diet cokes. I have no idea. That's over $7000 a year, and over $21,000 for 3 years! Are they serious? EVERY DAY for 3 whole years? That's what the article says. No "almost every day for 3 years." I can't even comprehend how a person can do that. You have to be mentally ill. And besides the actual ordering of the pizza, HOW DOES SHE EAT A LARGE PIZZA AND DRINK 2 DIET COKES WHEN SHE'S 82 FUCKING YEARS OLD? Yeah, no shit she fell and couldn't get up.


WallyMS said...

Where does she get a pension to afford 21,000$ in pizza? And still have a house? Nucking Futs

Anonymous said...

guarantee those diet cokes gave that old bitch cancer too